Friedensradfahrt 2014 Wien-Konstanz

Peace cycling tour 2014 Vienna – Constance

For a nonviolent and just society – 100 years IFOR

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IFOR (International Fellowship of Reconciliation) Austria is organizing a PEACE CYCLING TOUR from July 20 to 31, 2014, starting in Vienna (Austria) and with the final destination Constance (Germany).

Some of the overarching themes of this cycling tour are nonviolence, justice, (nuclear) disarmament, and peace, in a year that is overshadowed by commemorations of war. However, all participants can bring their own issues and concerns along with them.

There is a special occasion for this tour and its specific destination: IFOR’s centennial, which will be celebrated from August 1 to 3 in Constance (for more information about this event, visit the link below). There, the Austrian peace cyclists will be joined by cycling groups from other countries and by many others who will attend the festivities.




Who can join the PEACE CYCLING TOUR?

Participants are people who are committed to peace and nonviolence and enjoy cycling – not professional athletes, but those who are fit enough to manage the total distance of 933 km in 12 days. An accompanying vehicle will be available to transport luggage and provide assistance if needed and has proved convenient in former similar events. So far, the group consists mainly of Austrians, but people from other nationalities are very welcome.


What is the route, and which activities are planned?

  • July 20: Vienna – Kleinmariazell
  • July 21: Kleinmariazell – St. Pölten
  • July 22: St. Pölten – Grein
  • July 23: Grein – Linz
  • July 24: Linz – Altheim
  • July 25: Altheim – Salzburg
  • July 26: day of rest in Salzburg
  • July 27: Salzburg – Kufstein
  • July 28: Kufstein – Innsbruck
  • July 29: Innsbruck – Landeck
  • July 30: Landeck – Feldkirch
  • July 31: Feldkirch – Konstanz

(Please note that this schedule might be subject to minor changes, as the tour is still in the planning stage.)

There will be activities in all the major cities and on many other stops along the way: manifestations (in the form of “silent circles” with info material), receptions and speeches, and visits to (historical) sites with relevance to our themes. Thus, there will be an effort to involve the public in our issues, as well as activities for our personal development.


How can I join, and what else do I need to know?

If you are interested in joining the PEACE CYCLING TOUR, please sign up by sending an e-mail to The application deadline is May 31, as bookings have to be made for the accommodation. Of course, it is also possible to attend only certain sections of the route; please let us know your plans concerning this. Moreover, an application fee of € 50.- is payable by the same deadline (Recipient: Internationaler Versöhnungsbund, IBAN: AT94 6000 0000 9202 2553, BIC: OPSKATWW), which will be used for down-payments for the accommodations. The latter consist mainly of guesthouses and hostels with an average cost of € 35.- per night, including breakfast.

Please feel free to contact the above mentioned e-mail address if you have any questions concerning the tour or want more detailed information about the planned activities!